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The purpose of the Winona Area Strength and Conditioning program is to foster physical development and athletic skills while teaching the value of personal discipline, character, commitment, and the subordination of self-interest to the higher goal of team achievement.

We provide a complete program that covers all the facets of physical training, which includes strength and power development, speed-quickness, agility-conditioning, flexibility, nutritional guidance, and all other pertinent information. In all of our endeavors, we are committed to the principles of ethical conduct, integrity and excellence.


Program Goals

1. Academic Success
That each student athlete would realize his or her academic success by aiming high, showing constant improvement, and carrying the work ethic learned from training into the classroom.

2. Determination
To challenge each student athlete to learn what it means to do one's best

3. Accountability
To teach the meaning and value of personal commitment – a trait we would like to develop in every student athlete. Success in athletics nearly always involves teamwork and self-sacrifice.

4. Personal Growth
To teach self-discipline and humility – qualities which come from learning to function effectively within the framework of rules which benefit the team, the school, and most importantly, the individual.

5. Success
That each student athlete would achieve their greatest potential in athletic performance, and by doing so, they would not only contribute to their own success as a high school athlete, but to the overall success of his or her team as well.

2015 Speed & Strength Camp

June 8th– August 6th 2015

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Expectations: Just Do Right

Live an honorable life. Do what is right and avoid what is wrong. These simple expectations are based on common sense and civility.

1. Arrive promptly to all training times
2. Listen, understand, & put into practice the instruction that coaches provide
3. Maintain high academic standards
4. Behave with dignity
5. Demonstrate honesty

In other words, we ask that you act like champions. Demonstrate responsibility and hold yourselves accountable for your success in the strength and conditioning program. It is your responsibility to discipline yourself! Our responsibility is to provide you the tools to enforce that discipline and meet your goals. Champions don't make excuses; they take pride in the challenges set before them. They understand that their willingness to make sacrifices and uphold to greater standards places them in that rare breed of individual — one who will do whatever is necessary to achieve his/her goals and be successful.

A CHAMPION is not necessarily a winner; it is a person that gives everything they have to fulfill a goal. Winning is simply the byproduct of motivation, hard work and dedication!



Jeff Reinardy
Coordinator, Strength and Conditioning

• 9th Year
• Wife: Mindy
• Children: Rhiannon, Cole, & Dane
• Education: Bachelor of Science 1994 WSU, Master of Science 1995 UW-La Crosse
• Position held at Winona State: Director of Fitness Center
• Previous coaching positions: Assistant football '93-'94 WSU; Strength & Conditioning Coach '95-'98 University of Memphis; 1998-2000 Iowa State — Men's basketball, Big 12 champions 2000, Elite Eight appearance — Women's basketball, Big 12 champs '99 and '00, '99 Elite Eight , '00 Sweet 16
• Oher Facts: ADFPA American Squat record holder of 555 pounds at 148 weight class, Four Minnesota State ADFPA powerlifting championships.


Loren Liming
Supervisor, Strength and Conditioning

• 5th year
• Wife: Kiley
• Education: BA in Exercise Science–Central College Pella, IA; Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership with an Emphasis in Sports Management–Winona State University

Having worked at the collegiate level with athletes in all sports, Loren is an asset to the Morrie Miller Strength and Conditioning program. He was a three sport high school athlete and a collegiate basketball player, giving him a well-developed perspective of the needs of students participating in the Morrie Miller program. Also, having experience as a strength and conditioning coach for various sports at WSU, Loren understands the coach's perspective of balancing training, practice and recovery.

Loren is a member of the United States Association of Weightlifting, and the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), he is also certified in CPR, AED, First Aid, and a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

sptrength program

Contact Information

Jeff Reinardy

Loren Liming


Location & Times

Winona Senior High
6:15am-8:30am and
3:30pm-5:30pm Mon-Fri

Winona Middle School
3:30pm-5:00pm Mon-Thu
(During the school year)
9:00am-10:30am Mon-Thu
(During the summer)

Cotter High School

* All times are subject to change due to weather and school closings.

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